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A/P Audit

Accounts payable records represent a true gold mine for recovering lost profits. Hidden within your invoices, purchase orders, receiving documents and correspondence files are small nuggets of overpayments and under deductions just waiting to be discovered. To a transaction-intensive company, it could mean up to one million in savings for every billion in revenues.

We review also contrat compliance on a contingency basis.

Rebate & Deal Management Software

EasyInvoicing is a Secured SQL Database that stores unlimited rebate and deal agreements.


Automates the calculation and processing of invoices and guarantees accurate rebate calculation and journal creation
Provides powerful reports and quieries
Reduces internal administration costs
Promotes flexible workflow between buyers, vendors and finance

Facilitate the contract Agreement Lifecycle


Increase Operating income and turn losses into profit


How ?

Our system of profit recovery is exceptionally comprehensive, revolving around the seamless integration of talented and knowledgeable people, powerful software and best practices. We perform a thorough analysis of your accounts payable systems. Our highly coordinated, team-oriented approach provides a constant flow of information before, during and after the audit. A more professional approach leads to greater profit recoveries. MAG digs deeper into accounts payable transactions.


The claims generated by MAG auditors vary depending upon the industry. MAG has amassed a thorough knowledge that clients can draw upon. A small sampling of the types of claims generated include :

Allowances, Omitted cash discounts ,Discounts taken at incorrect dates ,Duplicate payments, Shortages/non-delivery, Opportunity buys, Price discrepancies, Accounting errors Price overcharges....